The LV (travel) Guide: Copenhagen


Earlier this Summer, my husband and I traveled to Copenhagen for the very first time. We’ve both been very fortunate to have visited many places around Europe, but Denmark was one country we never had the chance to visit until this past Memorial Day weekend.

Like many of you, I’m obsessed with Scandinavian design and the overall aesthetic and Copenhagen was a natural draw. It also doesn’t hurt that the number one restaurant in the world, NOMA, was there as well. Between all the amazing shopping, design inspo and next-level meals that I’ll never forget, I would add Copenhagen to your travel bucket list ASAP.

Here are some of my favorite shops, restaurants, hotels, and places to see:

To Shop: 

To Eat: 

  • Reffen- street food such as corn dogs, ice cream cones, tacos, and more!

  • 108 Restaurant- modern vibes and a delicious a la carte menu

  • Pluto- after hour drinks

  • Emery’s- celebrate Cinnamon Bun Sunday with the locals!

  • Ruby- cocktails before dinner

  • Granola- for lunch

To Stay: 

To Do: