I'll Never Leave My Apartment Without...

No matter how small or big, you’ll always find these in my purse!

No matter how small or big, you’ll always find these in my purse!

It’s no secret that I’m always on the go… whether I’m catching an Uber to the airport or hailing a yellow cab to the studio — it’s important that I’m always prepared for anything the day may throw my way. Here are a few essentials I don’t leave my apartment without…

A Nail Kit: Luckily, I always have a nail file, a bottle of polish and polish remover pads with me.. to fix any mishaps that usually happen right before going LIVE on TV! You’re probably wondering why I don’t use gel nail polish … I have in the past and I find they tend to ruin my nails!


Spearmint Tic Tacs: Because you really never know who you are going to run into! ;)

Face-masks: Whenever I have down time, whether I’m heading home from Montauk or in a middle seat on a work trip, I love to mask. It’s super relaxing and a way for me to wind down, while still being productive!


Oil Absorbing Sheets: With my oily skin, I’m always in need of a quick touch up, especially during this time of year because the humidity in the city can take you from dewy to an oil slick in just seconds!

Advil: A headache without Advil is like a day without my (everyday) Tom Ford lipstick! It’s a quick fix which allows me to keep going- Advil works just like magic!

Safety Pins: This is what I call a total game changer! I’m petite so it’s helpful to have these around for last minute adjustments. I don’t always have time to see my tailor so safety pins are super helpful in a pinch for a quick hem or take in!


And so, here you have it guys… this is the ultimate LV Guide… into my everyday life- no matter where and when!! xx, LV