Fashion Detective: The Truth Behind IG and FB Stores

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I’m a big shopper. Shocker, I know. But one place where I’ve had a lot of trouble shopping lately is on social media. Like many of you, I get bombarded with new stores and brands daily making it very tempting to click “add to cart” before I can do my due diligence and research.

Many of these stores are based abroad (Korea, Japan, China, etc.) and have very complicated shipping and return policies — and while I’m not a skeptic, some of these prices and designs seem just too good to be true.

So I put my consumer reporting skills to good use to help you (and lets be honest, me) get some more clarity on exactly what shoppers can expect from this growing category of social retailers.

Instead of you having you risk your hard earned money and credit card info, I’m doing the hard work for you and sharing my experience with Hoda and Jenna this week on TODAY. I’ll let you know what “stores” stood up to the test and which ones I would never shop at again!

Think of me as your fashion detective!