Hola USA: Latinas Defining the Future


For the April issue of HOLA USA, I had the opportunity to share some of the most powerful and effective skincare ingredients that dominate my beauty top shelf.

I am passionate about skincare and I know, thanks to my Welita, that good skin is an investment and about daily rituals that make you feel confident from the inside out.

I’m so grateful be part of this issue with an inspiring group of actresses, activists, entrepreneurs and all around poderosas!

These are my favorite beauty picks for skincare and makeup and I also wanted to share one of the questions they asked in my interview:

{What or who are your inspirations}

My greatest inspiration is my family— especially my welita, my tías, and of course, my mom. I wake up every day motivated to make them proud. It’s par- amount to honor the sacrifice many generations of women before me have made so I could pursue the life and dreams they could not.

{Cuáles o quiénes son tus inspiraciones}

Mi familia, especialmente mi welita, mis tías y, por supuesto, mi madre. Me despierto todos los días motivada para enorgullecerlas. Es de suma importancia honrar el sacrificio que muchas genera- ciones de mujeres antes de mí han hecho para que pueda alcanzar la vida y los sueños que ellas no pudieron.